Skegness Framing Tel 01754 229602

A professional service from a local supplier


Samples of our Galery and original art work


At Skegness Framing you can choose from hundreds of fabulous frame materials and select from our stock of over 100 high quality mount card colours to design your perfect frame. The only limit is imagination.

We offer a complete framing service for all your artworks, memorabilia, sport shirts, cross stitch, tapestry, objects and everything else you can think of.

In addition, we can cut and mounts, glass, board and mirrors to your requirements.

If all that isn't enough, come and see a demonstration of what UltraVue glass can do for your artwork. Can be retrofitted to your existing frames. Give your art a new lease of life and see what colour it really is!

A small sample of paintings and artwork for sale by local and national artists can be found on our Gallery Page.

We have a vast variety of local artist's pictures in water colour and oil on canvas. There is also a large collection of LIMITED EDITION hand painted prints available - all professionally framed by ourselves. Below is an example of how your artwork, family heirlooms and other treasured memorabilia can be transformed and preserved for generations to come.


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